SneakerRadio is made possible through a combination of software and hardware that works together to create a unique branded retail radio format. One of the more amazing technical pieces of hardware is the SneakerRadio Exstreamer 100 receiver.

The Exstreamer 100 is what links your store with the SneakerRadio audio stream and allows a pristine digital stereo signal to be played over your sound system. Not only does the receiver play the radio broadcast but it's also on the lookout for Internet congestion and other Internet-related problems and fixes most issues by switching between a Primary and Secondary stream depending on how your Internet connection is working. The unit also automatically updates internal firmware (when needed) and can also be remotely managed in the unlikely event of a hardware problem. You can also see all your store(s) receiver statistics by logging onto the main SneakerRadio site and viewing your Network Statistics in the Member Area. At a glance you can see which stores are connected to SneakerNet, how long they have been "tuned in" and if they are connected to the Primary or Secondary stream servers.

Installation is a snap! No need to call an outside contractor to install expensive satellite receivers and dishes. The Exstreamer 100 receiver just plugs into your store Internet connection and plays audio to your sound system.
Connections are just like you might see on a component in your home stereo system. Two(2) RCA connectors for the stereo audio and an Ethernet connection for your computer network. The receiver can even find and lock onto an available IP address without any special configuration. It will also announce which IP it is using over your sound system when booting up! If your IT person requires a static IP or special domain these can be pre-configured for you before shipping the unit. Make sure you qualify for receiving SneakerRadio before ordering. You must have your own full-time Internet connection capable of allowing a 96kbps audio stream and an available Ethernet port to plug the receiver into. If you are able to listen to the SneakerRadio demo in your store you can plug in the Exstreamer 100 and listen to SneakerRadio. For more technical details see the FAQ or Support sections above.

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Imagine your very own radio station that plays just the right music and incorporates New Balance® branding and marketing messages that help educate and sell your customers... Sound like magic? You can get it now! SneakerRadio is a 24 hour LIVE radio program that is digitally delivered over the Internet to your store.

The SneakerRadio concept is different than programming you may have heard in your local drug store or themed restaurant. Instead of messages that periodically interrupt canned music from traditional background music vendors, our custom-branded radio is perfectly integrated with customer messages and advertising, along with scientifically programmed music and entertainment. The best part is it also has the potential to sell more products through advertising at the point of sale: in your New Balance® Retail store. Effective advertising is that which can influence a customer as close to the sale as possible.

SneakerRadio or “Retail Radio” is a unique audio-marketing program that is the audio soundtrack to the lifestyle theme that makes New Balance® Retail stores a place to visit. It is a highly customized mix of music and marketing messages that targets customers in a personalized radio format. Our ability to match music and programming to target customers is how we create a successful and compelling format. We have developed a programming guideline and Imaging Package for New Balance® consisting of creative audio elements and branding messages. The format is closely monitored and updated each month to ensure freshness and compatibility with New Balance® marketing and operating goals. This unique format is adjusted to match the flow of business throughout the day and week. Like any successful radio station, this program format will be constantly adjusted and improved to reflect a consistent message. We see SneakerRadio as a living breathing life force that is constantly changing and always refreshing.

The best way to find out what SneakerRadio is all about is to register as a New Member (if you haven't yet) and then click 'DEMO' to listen live. Happy Listening! SR Shadowed



At SneakerRadio we think the most important part of our unique program format is how we BRAND your product. Branding allows you to communicate with your customers at the point of sale while they are thinking of making a purchase. This is a very important point in any retail transaction. This "moment of truth" is so important SneakerRadio has developed an entire branding process called "Fifth Wall Marketing™" POP signage, the shoe wall and even floor graphics are an effective method for branding but it requires that the customer see them to react to them. SneakerRadio reaches people from the speakers in your ceiling. In effect the "Fifth Wall" or ceiling, is also a valuable piece of real estate because your audience can’t help but hear your message when it is "broadcast."

Great care and effort is spent creating and promoting an important brand. New Balance® is no exception. People form emotional attachments with a brand and how you use this association will determine how loyal customers are in this often-fickle business. Another important benefit is that SneakerRadio begins communicating with it’s customers by playing scientifically programmed music that reaches your customers on an emotional level thus making them more receptive to additional branding messages or advertising. Research proves that branding VIA Retail Radio has an immediate and lasting effect on customers: They listen to the message and they respond to it! Before SneakerRadio there was no similar method being used to reach customers at the most important part of the customer transaction. SneakerRadio provides many opportunities for branding. Working in tandem with traditional advertising messaging branding is an important tool that is fully realized in SneakerRadio.



The music you will hear on SneakerRadio is a result of matching the best music with your core demographics (age group). The next step is to layer the music with the lifestyles and subjective likes (and dislikes) of your customers. Sound like rocket science? It's not, radio stations have been doing this for the last 40 years in broadcast markets across the USA. In fact the music geniuses at SneakerRadio have programmed successful radio stations in major markets for over 35 years. SneakerRadio has accumulated a huge amount of music research and testing from focus groups and radio stations around the country. The result is an exhaustive database of what we call "safe lists" or music that is keyed to specific demographics and lifestyles. These "safe lists" are core music selections that most people like and crossover many age, ethnic and lifestyle strata. But we don't stop there, unlike any other music service for retail, SneakerRadio also provides a special 'Requestor' area in the Member Area of our web site. Now your sales associates (if you choose the option) can interact with the Live SneakerRadio music format by rating songs as they play or making requests through our unique Requestor interface. This feedback is taken into consideration when updating the music format.

One format-One Company. Instead of hundreds of music channels supplied by satellite music vendors and hundreds of sales associates' personal music collections, SneakerRadio has determined the best choices of music to play in every New Balance® store from Santa Monica to Washington DC. The SneakerRadio music format provides the perfect soundtrack for your New Balance® customers.

If selecting the right music to play is the science of SneakerRadio the true art of SneakerRadio is in the mix. Having the right music playlist of thousands of songs is only half the solution. The other half is the format mix or how the songs get played and in what order. If a gigantic music library was the ultimate solution than anyone with an iPOD® could rule the world! Radio stations have perfected the concept of a format and mix of music. If you break a typical hour into multiple "slices" and populate those slices with different music categories that play in a specific order then you have the basis for SneakerRadio. Programming a mix like this allows a better balance of music. It also allows us to enforce our 3 Song Golden Rule: "If you don't like the song that is playing right now the next one will be better. The 3rd song we guarantee you will like!" Remember one person's trash is another person's gold. Our artfully crafted format allows a constantly changing music balance that appeals to different tastes. We even take that further and "daypart" the format so it changes throughout the day and weekends just like your customer flow.

We call the process of determining the right songs and the right way to play them our "Formatics Process." The "Formatics Process" means that the music you hear on SneakerRadio is the very best selection and mix for your customers, designed just for them. When you have the right balance of music you have successfully connected with your customers on an emotional level which makes them much more receptive to your branding and marketing messages


SneakerRadio is uniquely designed to brand and market your product with specialized messaging and marketing that entertains and educates your customers. Plain old background music does nothing to influence sales and the customer experience at the most important part of the customer transaction. It's the 'between the songs' content that is the real workhorse in the SneakerRadio format. If a customer hears about a product while viewing the shoe wall they will ask your sales associate about it. If a customer notices the SneakerRadio DJ talking about how most people wear their shoes too small, they are more likely to ask or respond to your sales associates request to measure their feet. If a customer is at the checkout and hears about an accessory they didn't consider they are more like to add onto the sale.

The following is a partial list of content you'll find on SneakerRadio.

Quick sound bites that explain, educate and inform customers about getting the most performance from their New Balance® purchase. Everything from how many bones are in your feet to why poly cotton blend socks work better with sweaty feet! Another advantage of FootFacts is your sales associates are also learning right along with your customers.

Those short little melodies that tell you the name of the radio station and signals the transition back to music. SneakerRadio specializes in producing creative and effective jingle packages for every type of Retail Radio format including SneakerRadio. A jingle melody is what the customer remembers after they have left the store.

Radio commercials and marketing messages that communicate New Balance® information to
customers. There are multiple voiceover and produced spots that highlight a specific product or accessory available to customers. All messages are generic and compatible with stores anywhere in the USA.

'Live' announcements (usually run over song intros) that talk about New Balance® products and encourage customers to get their feet measured and consult with your sales associates. The delivery is much the same as you would hear on your local radio station.

Specialty Elements
A collection of custom-produced mini informational or entertainment segments. An example would be the 'Workday Workout' which provides healthy tips on staying fit and maximizing performance when using New Balance® products. SneakerRadio has a large library of Specialty Elements that cover many subjects and criteria.

Short, but highly produced audio elements that tell the listener what station they are listening to. They can also include quick customer testimonials and comments as part of a montage of sonic effects that help provide transition between different program segments.