This troubleshooting page should help you track down any issues you may have installing and using the SneakerRadio Exstreamer receiver. The place to start is to look at the status LEDs on the front of the unit and follow the solution to fix your problem. 90% of problems getting the receiver to work is related to your network and it's connectivity to the Internet. If you have had the unit working and and it has now stopped, check to see if you still have Internet access on another computer in the office. Also make note if any changes have been made to your in-store network: Have you changed routers or ISP's? Was your I/T expert in recently and made some changes to your network? Did you have a power failure the night before? In the unlikely event the Exstreamer receiver has failed and you have checked all the connections and router settings please contact us at and we'll try to get you going, otherwise you will need to request a return RMA before we can ship you a replacement unit. Please click the ReturnRMA button on the left for instructions.


Exstreamer Status: No power
PROBLEM: Unit is not powered.
SOLUTION: Check to make sure unit is plugged in. Outlet may also be switched off.

Exstreamer Status: Looking for IP/Booting
Normal operation for unit when reset or rebooting. Exstreamer is searching for an available IP address on your network. If the unit locks onto an IP it will be announced over the sound system (or over the headphone jack if you are using headphones) IP will usually begin with 192 or 10 (depending on your network setup)

PROBLEM: After an extended period of time (about 5 minutes) unit is unable to find an available IP address and announces a faulty IP starting with 169. This means Exstreamer was unable to find an IP and does not have access to the Internet.
SOLUTION: Look on the back of Exstreamer and confirm that the green LED on the RJ45 jack (8) is lit and the orange LED shows some activity. If there is none: Check your network connections. Exstreamer is not connected to your network. Confirm that there is a link light on the router/switch side AND on Exstreamer. Also see below: Idle status.

Exstreamer Status: Idle (waiting for audio stream)
PROBLEM: Exstreamer is waiting for connection to the Internet but is most likely blocked by your router or firewall.
SOLUTION: Confirm that Exstreamer is actually connected to your network (see above) if you have link lights at both the Exstreamer and on the switch or hub and Exstreamer remains in 'Idle state' you need to allow access to the Internet for Exstreamer on your managed router or firewall. You should contact your I/T expert to do this for you. It is OK to expose Exstreamer to the Internet so we suggest putting the Exstreamer IP on your router/firewall's DMZ zone. It also may be possible to connect Exstreamer "ahead" of the router or firewall and directly into your T-1, DSL or Cable modem. This may require a secondary IP address from your ISP. See the FAQ section for more details.

Exstreamer Status: Playing Primary Stream (System OK)Exstreamer is very happy and streaming SneakerRadio from our network on the primary stream URL assigned to your unit.If you can't hear anything on your sound system and the status lights show the above pattern, plug a set of headphones into the front panel headphone jack and listen. If you can hear SneakerRadio here but not on your stereo the problem is with your stereo system or the connection from Exstreamer to the stereo. Is the amplifier on? Is the volume set correctly? Is it set to the wrong source? Are the speaker switches engaged? Is the stereo on mute? You may need to call in your sound contractor to fix the stereo.You may see the Red LED occasionally light which means the unit is buffering audio. If this happens often you may have Internet congestion in your area. See FAQ for details.

Exstreamer Status: Playing Secondary Stream (System OK)Exstreamer is somewhat happy and has chosen to stream on the secondary or backup stream URL assigned to your unit. This is not necessarily a problem and should remain transparent to your listening.You may see the Red LED occasionally light which means the unit is buffering audio. If this happens often you may have Internet congestion in your area. See FAQ for details.

Exstreamer Status: Playing Tertiary Stream (System OK)Exstreamer is somewhat happy and has chosen to stream on the tertiary or backup stream URL assigned to your unit. This is not necessarily a problem and should remain transparent to your listening. You may see the Red LED occasionally light which means the unit is buffering audio. If this happens often you may have Internet congestion in your area. See FAQ for details.

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Do You Have A Full-Time Broadband Internet Connection?
Your Internet connection needs to be able to support a 96kbps stream dedicated to the Exstreamer 100 receiver used to receive the SneakerRadio broadcast. The receiver has an ethernet (RJ45) that plugs into your hub or switch and will automatically seek an IP address from your hub/router's DHCP server. If you don't have a DHCP server the Exstreamer will look for an unused IP on your network. Cable modems and DSL work fine and T-1s are great.

Do You Have A Stereo System That Can Play Music In Your Store?
If you have a pre-existing sound system in your store make sure that it can accept a standard line-level (AUX) RCA input. This is the same connection you see on your home stereo. It's also helpful to have a volume control to set the level in your store. This could either be on the amplifier (volume) or a wired volume control on your wall or ceiling speakers. SneakerRadio is broadcast in Digital Stereo at CD quality. We like BOSE®sound systems and speakers if you are considering an upgrade. Contact your sound system contractor for more details.

Do You Know Someone That Can Install Simple Electronic Gadgets?
The SneakerRadio receiver is simple to install. Save money and do it yourself! We send you everything you need in a self-installation kit. In fact, if you've ever hooked up your own stereo system you can install this yourself. Just locate the Exstreamer 100 receiver near your amplifier and plug the RCA connectors into the back of the unit. Then run an Ethernet cable (RJ45- the same you use for your computer network connections) to the nearest Ethernet or computer network jack or Hub/Switch. Turn on the SneakerRadio Exstreamer 100 receiver and the unit will automatically assign itself an IP, announce it over your stereo system, then start playing SneakerRadio! As long as you have a good Internet connection SneakerRadio will play.

Does Your New Balance® Store Need A Scientifically Selected And Programmed Music Program?
OK so this isn't exactly a technical question but we just can't help getting excited about this cool new program and delivery system. Once you start playing SneakerRadio in your store you'll notice an immediate improvement in the customer experience and employee morale.

If You Answered YES To All Of The Above, You're Good To Go With SneakerRadio!



Place the Exstreamer 100 close to your sound system amplifier/stereo receiver. The unit should be close enough to plug the supplied RCA connector into your amplifier. You should also have an available network connection (RJ45 Ethernet port) nearby so you can connect the Exstreamer 100 to your network. This is the same connection you use to connect computers on your network. Make sure you have a power outlet available to plug-in the power adapter. The Exstreamer 100 is designed to be powered at all times as the unit receives updates and communicates with the network control after hours.

Plug the network cable (supplied) into the network port (8) on the Exstreamer and the other end into your hub or switch. The connection could also be a wall outlet with an RJ45 jack installed which in turn is connected to your hub or switch. Exstreamer uses the same connection you would use to plug a computer into your store’s network. If there are not enough connections available on your hub or switch you may need to contact a qualified IT expert to add additional outputs.

Plug the supplied RCA cable into the left (5) and right (6) audio output jacks on the Exstreamer and the other end into your amplifier or stereo system which supplies audio to your store. Usually you would use the “AUX” input of the stereo but any line-level input will do. If your sound system only has one MONO jack its OK to use a stereo to mono adapter cable to make the connection. You can get one at Radio Shack, ask for a “RCA 2 female connections to RCA 1 male ‘Y’ adapter.” Make sure you lower your sound system volume until the connection is made.

Plug the supplied power adapter into an outlet, preferably one that can supply power at all times as Exstreamer is designed to remain on at all times so it can receive updates and remote control commands. Plug the other end of the power adapter into the power connection (9) on the back of the Exstreamer.

The Exstreamer will now search for a DHCP server on your network to get an IP address and announce it over your sound system. This could take a few minutes depending on the type of connection Exstreamer can find. If it doesn't’t find a DHCP server Exstreamer will attempt to locate a free IP address (this could take up to 5 minutes) If you don’t hear the IP address announced check if the green LED (right LED on top of network port (8)) is lit. If it isn’t check your network cable & hub. If both status LEDs (3) are off on the front check your power connection.

That's it! If everything goes well you should now hear SneakerRadio over your sound system. If you have problems click the troubleshooting section or check the FAQ above.

Happy Listening!



The music you will hear on SneakerRadio is a result of matching the best music with your core demographics (age group). The next step is to layer the music with the lifestyles and subjective likes (and dislikes) of your customers. Sound like rocket science? It's not, radio stations have been doing this for the last 40 years in broadcast markets across the USA. In fact the music geniuses at SneakerRadio have programmed successful radio stations in major markets for over 35 years. SneakerRadio has accumulated a huge amount of music research and testing from focus groups and radio stations around the country. The result is an exhaustive database of what we call "safe lists" or music that is keyed to specific demographics and lifestyles. These "safe lists" are core music selections that most people like and crossover many age, ethnic and lifestyle strata. But we don't stop there, unlike any other music service for retail, SneakerRadio also provides a special 'Requestor' area in the Member Area of our web site. Now your sales associates (if you choose the option) can interact with the Live SneakerRadio music format by rating songs as they play or making requests through our unique Requestor interface. This feedback is taken into consideration when updating the music format.

One format-One Company. Instead of hundreds of music channels supplied by satellite music vendors and hundreds of sales associates' personal music collections, SneakerRadio has determined the best choices of music to play in every New Balance® store from Santa Monica to Washington DC. The SneakerRadio music format provides the perfect soundtrack for your New Balance® customers.

If selecting the right music to play is the science of SneakerRadio the true art of SneakerRadio is in the mix. Having the right music playlist of thousands of songs is only half the solution. The other half is the format mix or how the songs get played and in what order. If a gigantic music library was the ultimate solution than anyone with an iPOD® could rule the world! Radio stations have perfected the concept of a format and mix of music. If you break a typical hour into multiple "slices" and populate those slices with different music categories that play in a specific order then you have the basis for SneakerRadio. Programming a mix like this allows a better balance of music. It also allows us to enforce our 3 Song Golden Rule: "If you don't like the song that is playing right now the next one will be better. The 3rd song we guarantee you will like!" Remember one person's trash is another person's gold. Our artfully crafted format allows a constantly changing music balance that appeals to different tastes. We even take that further and "daypart" the format so it changes throughout the day and weekends just like your customer flow.

We call the process of determining the right songs and the right way to play them our "Formatics Process." The "Formatics Process" means that the music you hear on SneakerRadio is the very best selection and mix for your customers, designed just for them. When you have the right balance of music you have successfully connected with your customers on an emotional level which makes them much more receptive to your branding and marketing messages


SneakerRadio is uniquely designed to brand and market your product with specialized messaging and marketing that entertains and educates your customers. Plain old background music does nothing to influence sales and the customer experience at the most important part of the customer transaction. It's the 'between the songs' content that is the real workhorse in the SneakerRadio format. If a customer hears about a product while viewing the shoe wall they will ask your sales associate about it. If a customer notices the SneakerRadio DJ talking about how most people wear their shoes too small, they are more likely to ask or respond to your sales associates request to measure their feet. If a customer is at the checkout and hears about an accessory they didn't consider they are more like to add onto the sale.

The following is a partial list of content you'll find on SneakerRadio.

Quick sound bites that explain, educate and inform customers about getting the most performance from their New Balance® purchase. Everything from how many bones are in your feet to why poly cotton blend socks work better with sweaty feet! Another advantage of FootFacts is your sales associates are also learning right along with your customers.

Those short little melodies that tell you the name of the radio station and signals the transition back to music. SneakerRadio specializes in producing creative and effective jingle packages for every type of Retail Radio format including SneakerRadio. A jingle melody is what the customer remembers after they have left the store.

Radio commercials and marketing messages that communicate New Balance® information to
customers. There are multiple voiceover and produced spots that highlight a specific product or accessory available to customers. All messages are generic and compatible with stores anywhere in the USA.

'Live' announcements (usually run over song intros) that talk about New Balance® products and encourage customers to get their feet measured and consult with your sales associates. The delivery is much the same as you would hear on your local radio station.

Specialty Elements
A collection of custom-produced mini informational or entertainment segments. An example would be the 'Workday Workout' which provides healthy tips on staying fit and maximizing performance when using New Balance® products. SneakerRadio has a large library of Specialty Elements that cover many subjects and criteria.

Short, but highly produced audio elements that tell the listener what station they are listening to. They can also include quick customer testimonials and comments as part of a montage of sonic effects that help provide transition between different program segments.