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    Q: Intermittent Reception or Buffering
    My SneakerRadio reception sometimes cuts in and out.

    A: Bad audio reception over the Internet is called buffering. Buffering is caused by Internet congestion and is dependent upon the quality of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) What happens is that the receiver is constantly being "filled" with an audio stream. Even when the stream is not filling the audio buffer the music continues to play since there are 2-3 seconds of buffer time. If the tempoary outage exceeds the buffer time then the audio drops as the receiver attempts to refill the buffer. A good quality broadband connection means less chance of buffering. A low qualiy connection or a busy shared connection increases the chances of buffering. Just like your FM radio will fade and play static sometimes it can happen with your Internet reception of SneakerRadio. If you experience buffering at the same times each day or continuously during the day we suggest you consider upgrading your Internet supplier. Discuss this with a qualified IT expert. We have tested SneakerRadio with Cable modems, low bandwidth DSL and high-quality T-1 lines with satisfactory performance. If you are using a dial-up connection for Internet service in your store SneakerRadio will not work.
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    Q: Internet Weather
    What is Internet Weather?

    A: Some days you'll notice that your Internet connection is great, you can surf the web with a snappy response much like a finely tuned sports car. Other days it creeps along like that old VW you owned in college. The growth of the Internet and it's myriad interconnections has given rise to a chaotic predictability rivialing weather sytems as they move around the globe. On a bad "weather" day you may notice that your SneakerRadio connection "buffers" or cuts in and out from time-to-time. On good days it's rock solid. Internet weather is a fact of life we all have to live with. The good news is that the engineers are getting better at predicting bad Internet weather and taking steps to keep it from affecting reception. You can fight bad Internet weather by making sure that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is aware of slow-downs and outages. Remember: bad internet weather & connection = bad SneakerRadio reception, just like your AM radio during a thunderstorm.
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    Q: Connection Speed
    How fast is my connection to the Internet?

    A: The faster your connection to the Internet the less likely you will hear dropouts and buffering of SneakerRadio. ISP's claim outrageous connection speeds which are usually not realistic when compared to real-world scenarios. The best way to test this is to check your ISP's speed using one of the many web sites catering to speed and throughput performance. Test your speed by clicking here:

    Speakeasy Speed Test

    This should give you an idea of the actual speed of your connection. NOTE: SneakerRadio does not supply your Internet connection so please don't call us with connection speed issues. You may however, call and invite us over for a beer!
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    Q: Check Your IP Address
    What Is My IP Address?

    A: Ever wanted to know your IP address? Just click here and the IP Chicken will come to the rescue!
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    Q: Garbled Audio from Receiver
    The audio from my SneakerRadio Receiver is garbled and watery sounding. What can I do?

    A: Call a plumber... just kidding! In some rare instances your SneakerRadio can get confused and require a restart. Just push the black "reset" button on the front left side of the unit and let it reboot. If you still have the problem check to make sure its not your sound system by plugging a headphone into the front sneakerRadio receiver headphone jack and see if you still hear the problem. If you don't its time to call the sound guys in to check your sound system.
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    Q: Get It Now
    How do I get SneakerRadio?

    A: Click the "Get It Now" button above on the navigation bar and you'll be taken to the wonderful world of sneakerRadio sign-up.
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    Q: Music Licenses
    Why do I need a music License from BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and the RIAA?

    A: Musical compositions and recordings are the result of the hard work of writers, musicians, producers, recording studios, record companies and a host of other support people to take an idea and make it a hit recording. Since you use their music in your store whether you play the local radio station or have SneakerRadio playing on your store speakers you are benefiting from someone else's hard work. For this reason you should be licensed to play those recordings and compositions in your store. SneakerRadio does not collect these fees for the music authorities. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the proper coverage for this use. The licensing authorities are setup to work with you in determining a modest fee for this coverage and are available to answer any questions you may have. Please click the "LINKS" area above to contact each of these organizations.
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    Q: Music Publishing and Music Recording Use
    Why do I pay two different license fees to the music license authorities?

    A: There are two aspects to every hit song you hear on the radio:

    1) The composition words and music
    2) The actual recording or (mechanical)

    The composition is managed by one of the main publishing administrative houses: BMI, ASCAP or SESAC

    The recording is owned by the record company that created the recording. Record companies manage their recording through the RIAA or SoundExchange. Due to the recent rules created by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act the record companies have become more agressive in policing their rights to the recording.
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    Q: Statutory Broadcast License
    What is a Statutory Broadcast license and what does it mean?

    A: A Statutory License is a class of music broadcast and use that conforms to guidelines set forth by the RIAA and other music authorities. SneakerRadio is registered with the Library of Congress and qualifies as a Statutory Broadcaster. Without going into all the technical mumbo-jumbo SneakerRadio is not an interactive music program source like a jukebox. We also don't play requests within one hour of the request being made nor do we "billboard" or pre-announce specific song selections before they play. There are also rules governing artist and song seperation in our radio playlist. For this reason it is unlikely you will hear the same artist played in the same hour or the same song within 4 hours of the last play. Why do we do this? It costs a whole lot less in music license fees and it makes the record companies much happier since we don't interfere with their normal sales process! When you talk to the music authorities about a music license for your store make sure you tell them that the program being played conforms to the Statutory License guidelines.
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    Q: Exstreamer Radio Receiver Internet Connection
    How can I tell if my Exstreamer Radio receiver will connect to the Internet?

    A: The easiest answer is that if you can plug a computer into your network and listen to SneakerRadio in the demo area of the website you can plug your SneakerRadio receiver (Exstreamer 100) into the same connection and it will stream SneakerRadio. If you have a firewall with specific setting to limit Internet surfing on your network you may block the SneakerRadio stream. This is an issue for your IT or Internet expert to sort out for you. SneakerRadio provides free support VIA our Supoort Area and Email. We do not support setting up Internal networks and configuring Firewalls. That is a job for a qualified expert at your location.
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    Q: SneakerRadio Bandwidth Usage
    How much bandwidth will SneakerRadio use on our network?

    A: SneakerRadio is streamed at 96kpbs 44.1 stereo. This is a high-quality stream that gives you CD-quality sound from a small bandwidth signal. If the Exstreamer 100 receiver has problems maintaining a connection to the Primary audio server it will "fallback" to a lower speed connection of 48kbps Mono. If your network becomes VERY busy or your ISP has throughput problems you may hear the radio switch back and forth every so often until it finds the best connection. This is all done automatically by the receiver without you having to do anything. If you hear this switching back and forth (buffering) alot, contact your ISP. You can also check the FAQ for "Buffering."
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    Q: Broadband Internet Connection
    Whats a 'Broadband' Internet connection and why do I need it?

    A: A Broadband Internet connection is considered a high speed Internet connection capable of sustaining at least a 125kbps connection (or 2X the speed of a dial-up). Nowadays just about anything BUT a dialup is considered broadband. If you are using a dial-up in your store you will not be able to recieve SneakerRadio. This is because a high-quality audio stream requires at least 96kbps in bandwidth. The cost of broadband connections are very low (as low as $39/month) and the benefits to your productivity are huge. Call your local cable or phone company for details.

    Typical Broadband Connections:
    Cable Modem
    Satellite (I.E. Hughes Net)
    FIOS (Verizon)
    ISDN (being phased out)
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    Q: Adding a Store Contact to Your profile
    How Do I add another store manager or user to my store?

    A: There is only one main contact per store that can access the Member Area of SneakerRadio. If you decide you need more than one contact at each store then we suggest that you make the name a generic user name such as 'Guest User' with a common password. That way you can tell only those people in your store how to access the Member Area. Be careful, although Store Users cannot edit your master account and profile they can edit the Store profile and possibly lock everyone else out or worse, delete the store from your master account.
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    Q: Adding Another Store to Your Member Account
    I just opened a new store and want to add it to my Member Account. How do I do that?

    A: Adding a new store to your Member account is easy (and encouraged.) Just log onto SneakerRadio using your Full Member name (email address) and password and go down to the 'ADD/EDIT STORES' button. Click the 'ADD/EDIT STORES' button and then click 'ADD STORE' on the bottom left side. Just fill out the information and we will get things going from this end.
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    Q: Exstreamer and DMZ
    My Exstreamer finds an IP but doesn't stream SneakerRadio. How can I fix the problem?

    A: If you connect the Exstreamer 100 to your network and the Exstreamer announces the IP it is connected to but doesn't stream audio, your router or firewall may be blocking the stream. First confirm that the 2 status LEDs on the front of the Exstreamer are on and steady. (both the red and green) This condition tells you that Exstreamer is in 'Idle mode' and waiting to receive a stream. If you are not comfortable with configuring your router or firewall including setting port forwarding and access it would be best to refer this to a qualified I/T expert or computer specialist. Next you need to manage your router and make sure that the ports are on for all connections to the Exstreamer IP address. Since there are many makes and models of routers it's beyond the scope of this discussion to give you exact directions from here. The easiest thing to ensure that Exstreamer has complete access is to assign the Exstreamer IP to the router's DMZ zone. Another thing to check is to make sure all ports are available to Exstreamer. If you have a separate router after your T-1, DSL or cable modem you can try connecting Exstreamer directly to the cable modem, DSL router or T-1 router thus circumventing your firewall or secondary router. It's OK to expose Exstreamer to the Internet as it is not typically a hacker's target and is password protected. Once any port blocking is eliminated Exstreamer will stream audio as long as your Internet is connected and working.
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    Q: Receiver Technical Qualification
    How Do I Know If The SneakerRadio Receiver Will Work In My Store?

    A: Do You Have A Full-Time Broadband Internet Connection?
    Your Internet connection needs to be able to support a 96kbps stream dedicated to the Exstreamer 100 receiver used to receive the SneakerRadio broadcast. The receiver has an ethernet (RJ45) that plugs into your hub or switch and will automatically seek an IP address from your hub/router's DHCP server. If you don't have a DHCP server the Exstreamer will look for an unused IP on your network. Cable modems and DSL work fine and T-1s are great.

    Do You Have A Stereo System That Can Play Music In Your Store?
    If you have a pre-existing sound system in your store make sure that it can accept a standard line-level (AUX) RCA input. This is the same connection you see on your home stereo. It's also helpful to have a volume control to set the level in your store. This could either be on the amplifier (volume) or a wired volume control on your wall or ceiling speakers. SneakerRadio is broadcast in Digital Stereo at CD quality. We like BOSEŽsound systems and speakers if you are considering an upgrade. Contact your sound system contractor for more details.

    Do You Know Someone That Can Install Simple Electronic Gadgets?
    The SneakerRadio receiver is simple to install. Save money and do it yourself! We send you everything you need in a self-installation kit. In fact, if you've ever hooked up your own stereo system you can install this yourself. Just locate the Exstreamer 100 receiver near your amplifier and plug the RCA connectors into the back of the unit. Then run an Ethernet cable (RJ45- the same you use for your computer network connections) to the nearest Ethernet or computer network jack or Hub/Switch. Turn on the SneakerRadio Exstreamer 100 receiver and the unit will automatically assign itself an IP, announce it over your stereo system, then start playing SneakerRadio! As long as you have a good Internet connection SneakerRadio will play.
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    Q: Requesting Songs
    Why does it take at least an hour to hear my song after I request it?

    A: SneakerRadio abides by stautory broadcast standards whch set seperation between artists and songs that may be played after a request. For this reason you will typically hear your song at least 1 hour after making the request. The delay could be longer if the artist has recently played or someone else has requested the same artist before your request it. Usually the Requester will let you know this at the time of your request.
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    Q: Requesting the same artist twice in one session
    I requested 2 songs from the same artist, 1 played but the other seems to be stuck in the Request Queue.

    A: Because of artist seperation rules set by the record companies the first request may go through but the second request from the same artist will be delayed before it can be played. This is all part of the Digital Millenium Copyright law which determines how 'interactive' SneakerRadio can be without violating statutory broadcast standards. If there is a 2 hour artist seperation the first goes through but the second is held back for 2 hours. Once the seperation conditions are satisfied your request will go through.
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    Q: Launch Requester from Member Area only
    Whenever I run Requester I get a message that I must be logged in to use the full capabilities of Requester. What am I doing wrong?

    A: You must be properly logged onto the SneakerRadio web site and launch Requester from the Member Area only. You may also not have permissions set to run the full version of Requester which is set by the owner or store manager. The solution is to ask your manager to launch Requester for you and leave it up so that you and others can use the application. If your manager does not allow requests to be made you will be denied access to that capability. If you are a store manager or owner and have this problem contact SneakerRadio and let us know so we can fix this for you. FYI there is only one manager account per store location allowed.
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    Q: Song Suggestions
    I don't see my favorite music on the Requester playlist, who can I contact to remedy this?

    A: Music for SneakerRadio is formulated from national playlist and song sales information and tabulated weekly to provide a representative music playlist that matches the typical NB store demographics. Remember that your favorite music choices may not be those of your customers. If for some reason you still feel we need to add something just click the 'Contact' button on the right side of Requester and let our DJ know what you would like to have added. Please keep in mind that we can't accomodate everyone's musical preferences but we do our best with our huge music library.
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    Q: Requester has no music or sound link
    Why is there no music or stream link on the Requester application?

    A: Requester is meant to be used only by associates that are listening to SneakerRadio in their store. Requester is not meant to be used by people outside of the NB radio network or from home. You should have no problem hearing SneakerRadio inside your store (over the speakers) while using the application.
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    Q: Wireless speakers
    How do I get sound into my showroom when I don't have wires run there?

    A: If you have a problem of getting sound out to your showroom floor because there are no speaker wires or audio connections available or an ethernet connection is not available close to the sound system, try this solution suggested by Stacey Wheeler of New Balance Athens, GA. Purcahse a set of wireless speakers from Best Buy for $99. Find them here The Exstreamer 100 receiver plugs into the wireless speaker transmitter box and the wireless speakers can be placed anywhere in the showroom that has a power outlet. Buy a second set if you need more sound. Stacey says they work a charm and sound great!
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    Q: DSL Issues
    My connection to SneakerRadio seems to cut out every hour and then reconnect.

    A: I you are using DSL we suggest that if you have access to the DSL management settings turn the 'keep alive' on as this will prevent your DSL from taking a nap every hour or so. When this happens SneakerRadio is disconnected and reconnected. If you don't want to do this or don't know how contact your ISP and ask them to switch the keep alive on as you need a continuous connection.
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    Q: DSL Router
    My SneakerRadio connection only seems to last for 30 minutes or 1 hour and then cuts out and reconnects.

    A: This could be one of 3 things. Most likely the DHCP server built into your router has a 'lease time' set for a short period which causes the lease or IP assigned to your computers (or SneakerRadio) to renew every hour or half hour. The solution is to set the DHCP Lease time to a week, month or forever to keep this from happening. If you don't know how to do this refer this subject to your I/T specialist or ISP. Another cause of reconnects that happen consistently is that the DSL router 'Keep alive' is not activated. See FAQ on DSL issues. The third cause is a possible problem with your Internet throughput. Check with your ISP and make sure they are supplying you with a constant connection.
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